Where Is The White Door In Cheese Escape Roblox

White Door In Cheese Escape Roblox

Cheese Escape of getaway is a brand new quest simulator. In Roblox, you may want to accumulate nine portions of cheese to get away. In this manual, we can inform you how to get out of the cheese jail and discover all of the portions of cheese.

Cheese Escape is the following exciting horror sport to hit Roblox. Touchdown over nine, 2 million visits considering its advent in March 2020. This manual will display you the way to navigate the maze safely. So get the cheese, and get away to freedom even as efficaciously staying far from the rat.

Cheese Escape Roblox

Roblox Cheese Escape is a trending Roblox horror sport that is in step with the developer. You must “live on from an innocent rat” even as gathering cheese keys and fixing puzzles in a cheese-like maze.

Cheese Escape Roblox

Step Playing Roblox Cheese Escape

The first piece of Cheese Escape can be determined nearly at the very start of the map, round some turns next to the primary component of cheese. Moreover, you’ll see an inexperienced key and an iron shape that you’ll want to climb up.

  • Once up, run ahead and fall.
  •  Find a door with an inexperienced lock, open it, and undergo it.
  •  Get right into a darkish area with a mixture lock.
  •  Enter code 3842 and press the inexperienced button.
  •  Go strictly ahead between the luminous ground lamps.
  •  You’ll see a desk with two portions of cheese and a crimson key that you’ll want to choose.
  •  Again fall into the labyrinth by skipping after the Safe Zone and discover a door with a crimson lock.
  •  Furthermore, Behind the door, you locate and pick out the board.
  • Go to the exit.
  • Pass now no longer very tough parkour and choose out up the cheese.
  •  Use the board to head ahead and choose the blue key.
  •  Again upward thrust on metalwork and pass ahead.
  •  On the proper wall facet, there could be a small hole you’ll want to squeeze through.
  •  Take every other piece and open the blue door.
  •  Press the inexperienced luminous button, and fast pass returned alongside the cord.
  •  You’ll locate the last portions of cheese in the maze and visit the exit.
  •  The White door should be open.

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Escape the Last Pieces of Cheese

Here are the stairs to accumulate the subsequent few portions of Cheese Escape and break out of the maze: 

  • Navigate the labyrinth speedily until you return to the inexperienced key and ladder.
  • Take the ladder up and input the room at the proper.
  • Take the next piece of cheese and undergo the White door with the White key.
  • Press the inexperienced button to take the next part of the cheese beside the room.
  • Then, drop down into the cheese maze and comply with the cable jogging withinside the ceiling. This will lead you to the ultimate piece of cheese and open the go-outdoor door.
  • Once you’ve taken the cheese, pass and return alongside the good side, comply with the hall beyond the pink door, preserve properly again via the small doorway, and flip right into the white go-out.
  • Finally, Congrats, you beat the maze!


The Cheese Escape gives a variety of interesting moments, shifting via the maze while fending off a massive rat and gathering all of the portions to break out finally. Have you performed yet? What do you watch about this game? We hope you discovered this manual helpful! Additionally, play this White Door In Cheese Escape Roblox game fully with friends and family. Thank You So Much!

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